About US

Founded in 2001, Focus Valve Co., Ltd is a global provider of brass valves、aluminium fitting、copper fitting and copper connectors etc, we have more than one hundred CNC machines with high precision, and 3D analog system, hardness testing instrument, leaking test machines to produce the great quality product.

Focus is organized according to the ISO 9001:2000 standard. It developed the long-life brass ball valve according to the SN/T0725-1997 material standard and with fluorine plastic grinding pad, guarantee 20000 cycles open and close without leakage as well as other performance test. Our products can meet with the CE/CSA/FM/NSF/CUPC/UL/ACS certificate.

We have exported our product to USA,Canada, Germany, France,Britain,Israel etc. Focus commits to provide great quality product,excellent service,competitive cost and on time deliver. Our target is to satisfy our customer demand, continually improve.

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